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You don't know if your cedar shake is still good and your afraid that the costs might be too high ? We will help you decide whether it is worth it. We are ready to answer your questions, on what pros and cons there are when you do convert your old Cedar Roof for more durable material. There should be a balance of aesthetics, price-factor and durability all considered with your Cedar Shake Conversion.

Beautiful Calgary, famous for wind, hail and rain. Homes are hammered by those bad weather conditions. Due to this, Calgary's homes tend to roof leaks from time to time. And sometimes, finding from where the leaks come is not easy. The leak can begin in one specific area, but by the time it is seen by the inside, it has made a lot of damage on various areas. Roof peaks, skylights, chimneys, decks, caulking, these are all suspect when it comes to a leak. Do not let it get any worse and ruin your home's interior. You DO NOT necessarily need a roof replacement when you got a leak. Call Us immediately if you have a leak.

An expert will carry out an inspection for you so you do not have to risk your life by climbing on your roof by yourself. We will take many pictures as well as a video and you will ensure there is an experienced professional assessing your roof that knows how to fix minor problems before they become expensive

We knows that the need for roof repairs can occur at any moments, and when you do not expect it. We offer service and support within 24 hours for those unexpected emergencies. We will be there for you and we will provide you the best information on the best way to process, so you can make the best choice to resolve your problems. We will assist you with any kind of repairs. 

Roof replacement

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Your roof protects your house from weather. It protects the interior of your home and if it is not in good shape, it can causes major damage to walls, floors, ceilings, electric appliances and much more. A new roof may improve energy efficiency in your house and reduce costs by providing a good ventilation. It also increase the value of your property and most important, if you want to sell, remember that home buyers do not want to purchase a home that needs a new roof. 

While asphalt shingles tend to be the most common type of rooftops in Calgary, Universal roofing & exteriors consider Euroshield® rubber roofing shingles if you are looking for something a little more environmentally friendly. Rubber shingles are manufactured from recycled tire rubber; eco-friendly, affordable, durable, hail resistant & will never crack. It is engineered to last a lifetime! Contact us for more details.

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